The point of this blog is to capture my journey: from stay-at-home mom, to single-mom-bartender, to published authoress. I’ve been a mother for three years, I’m 27 years old and I love my daughter to the moon and back. My goal is to prove that the word mother is not synonymous with martyr. I can love, teach and nourish my daughter, while also caring for myself and attending my own goals.

I want to travel the world, write books and fall in love.

I’m in the process of separating from my daughter’s father, though we are still great friends. I’m switching from my stay-at-home-mom role to a nighttime bartender at a trendy French bistro. While I navigate myself and my little one through all of these changes, I’m also making time to write, travel and date.

It’s going to be difficult. I may go a little nuts but, I know in my heart that this can be done. I want to show my daughter, as well as mothers like me, that being a mom doesn’t mean the end of our own identities. Our hearts and minds expand to get us through all of life’s challenges, allowing us to be a warrior for ourselves and our children. We can do this ladies! Watch me go.