Making Time

If I’m honest, I’ve barely had any productive writing days. I’ve been great at building up my new blog (this one, obviously) which is good for marketing purposes. The trouble is, with no book to market, what’s the point?

I’ve come up with a new schedule to wrap around my new job and home responsibilities. I have to write a minimum of one page per day, plus an entry in the blog. At least then I should have a rough draft done in one year.

I’d rather climb the mountain painfully, slowly then just stand at the bottom thinking about climbing up there.

I’ve also scheduled time for my daughter, the gym and reading. As much as I hate my hours at the bar, I love that I’m left with the freedom of daylight. I have so much time to spend with my kid and improve myself.

HOWEVER, last night I made $29. Yeah…one dollar less than 30. I’m going to keep up with my tips throughout the week and hope it adds up to a “good week” to erase that one BAD night. It was my first official night anyway. Once I get the hang of things, it won’t be so bad.

Wish me luck friends. I’m sending you all of my positive energy for productive days and quick keystrokes;)

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