Making The First Move

I used to nanny for a living only a year ago. Since then I’ve been at home studying to finish my associates and spending time with my little one. Today, I was supposed to watch one of my old charges, a sweet 2-year-old cutie, for just a few hours. I woke up to a text at 8:20 asking where I was and I realized I was supposed to be in Arlington by 8 am!

I put on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops. Alexis was already dressed, thank goodness! We ran to the car and arrived at our destination at about 9 AM. I looked ragged.

Alexis still needed a lunch and I’d skipped packing one so I walked the girls (in an over sized double stroller) to the CVS just a block or two away. I also needed false lashes for my night job and a new eyeliner. When I got to the register, I bumped into the counter and apologized, but when I looked up this gorgeous man was smiling at me. Laughing on the inside, I’m sure. Not necessarily in a bad way though- I hope.

I set down my items and immediately regretted choosing his register. This guy was so handsome and he could see my fake lashes on the counter. I was so quick to say, “I’m going on vacation soon.. there’s going to be a lot of dinners there…” Eww I’m so awkward!!!

He responded with a smile and asked where I was going, to which I lied, “The Dominican Republic.”

“Fancy,” he smiled again. Uuuugh…his smile made me weak in the knees. I asked him this stupid question,

“Can I ask you a question,” and he said yes. “How old are you?”

He asked me to guess so I said maybe 22 and he said I was 2 years off. I was kind of disappointed because I thought that meant he was 20, but no, he’s 24! I felt like we were kind of flirting. I’m not positive. A few hours have passed and my memory is already fuzzy.

I’m going back in today, in 20 minutes to buy some laundry detergent which I genuinely did forget. WHAT DO I SAY? This isn’t even my CVS; I’m 30 minutes away in another city so worst case scenario is that he says he can’t give me his number and I NEVER go back again. HA! Seriously though…NEVER.

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