Monday Motivation

“It is perfectly fine to write garbage-

as long as you edit brilliantly.”

-C.J. Cherryh

This Weeks Goals

  1. Take Alexis, my daughter, on an adventure. Wander into DC and walk around exploring or dance classes. Something, but it has to be a whole just for her.
  2. Record my first Vlog. I’ve decided to do a vlog instead of a podcast. After 50 takes listening to my own voice, I decided I couldn’t take it. At least with a vlog it’s a bit less editing.
  3. Write a minimum of 7 pages, but shoot for 15!
  4. Earn a minimum of $800 in tips this week (always strive for more!).
  5. Burn a minimum of 1200 calories & use higher weights on the machines.

So last week I wasn’t the best at accomplishing any of my goals. They all changed on me at some point. I decided I didn’t need an outline or character bios for my novel. I would just start writing the thing and let the characters guide me in the right direction. That worked much better for me. Also, my characters don’t need bios because as you know, they exist in real life.

I decided against the podcast because I wasn’t a fan of my own voice. Somehow video is less intimidating because there’s no need to really edit yet. It can start as a Q & A themed coffee talk and grow into something bigger when I start traveling. I can take my time learning to edit and everything. Ps. I’m traveling in just 9 days!! I can’t wait to see the west coast for the first time!!

I didn’t lose any weight, I don’t think, but my body looks different and I don’t think losing is the issue. I think it’s just toning, so to that effect I did fine. I burned a lot of calories and did a lot of strength exercises. I’m calling it a win.

This was the best writing weekend so far! I have been in the moment, feeling the flow and producing the words. My best friend has been having 20 minute (or more) brainstorming sessions with me and I’ve even entrusted her to edit some of my drafts. It’s all starting to feel so real. I’m a writer that writes! Crazy, right? HA!

It has been so difficult writing out my story and my friend even asked, if I thought it was healthy to do so.

“What’s the point?” she asked.

The point is those feelings inside me are there anyway. The love, the gratitude and the forgiveness. I’ll always miss him and love him on some level, not to write about it is a waste. What we had was incredible and it deserves a place on my bookshelf and yours too. It can be sad and difficult at moments, but once I shut the laptop, I never lose sight of the reality of today.

I’m still happy, still excited about the future and still writing;)


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