Mr. Robinson

So the novel is coming along and on that front at least, life is good.

On the other hand, I am in trouble. I recently reached out to an old boss of mine. We had a chemistry I’d never forgotten and I was hoping, if he was single, we would go on a date. As it turned out, he doesn’t live close by anymore. We had been texting all night and eventually he even made plans to come see me on Saturday night. We were going to have champagne and spend the evening together.

He stood me up without even texting to say he wasn’t coming. The next morning he called with a good excuse for everything, but I was so hurt. I haven’t liked someone the way I like him since the ex I’m writing a novel about. While I’ve certainly been taken with someone based on their looks or common interests, there has always been something missing in those connections. My guy, lets call him Mr. Robinson, because he’s a bit older, has everything. He’s kind of scary, in a way that demands perfection, but he treats me like I’m his weakness. He’s kind and funny. He’s playful and handsome. He’s also very passionate and has the perfect voice. I LOVE his voice. When I worked for him, he’d whisper things in my ear and it drove me crazy. I was in love with someone else at the time, but I had a special (VERY secret) place for him in my heart.

image1 (2)

I knew I was in big trouble the second he said he wasn’t coming on Saturday. I was all dressed up in my little black dress, when my heart plunged into my stomach and my smile vanished. I didn’t know what to do and I felt so numb. I decided I didn’t want to be alone so I went out with a girlfriend, but the second I was surrounded by people I didn’t want to be there either. A few men bought me drinks, but I spent the whole time comparing them to my guy. I’ll get over it fairly quickly, if I have to, but I honestly hope I don’t have to. Maybe I’m over-analyzing the situation and he’s really just busy. He really did get a random bout of food poisoning and he’s not secretly married…

So anyway, I’ve been a little down these past two days and it’s been surreal. I’m thinking of a new novel though! While I may not wind up dating this guy, he is an excellent character for a novel about an affair. The beast to be tamed kind of guy.

I need to finish my first one first though. At least I know I ran into him for a reason. If not because he’s meant to be mine, than at least to inspire new stories.


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