Writing, Mom-ing, & Dating

Today’s writing project is coming along so perfectly. I’m really enjoying the new direction my book has taken. Characters really do lead the story along and I’m really happy that the book is more fiction and less of a memoir. As a memoir, the story can stand alone, but fiction, especially romance, needs a bit more “pure” love and a little less realism.

Alexis has been home for a week now, since her mini-vacation and we’ve had a great week. My best friend and her daughter are in town until Tuesday so we’ve been spending time with them and lots of time outdoors. I’m still searching for a good preschool. image2 (2)

I found a nanny position that is twice a week and I get to bring her with me. I’m really excited about it because I miss working with kids and I also miss guaranteed money. When I was teaching preschool, I remember coming home feeling really accomplished, having taught (at least a few) children something new about the world. I’m also waiting to find out about my application to teach children from China, English.

I’m now on the hunt for a job that I can keep long-term. I found the perfect apartment for me and Lex in a town, not too far from her dad. The gym is beautiful! It doesn’t offer a room for Alexis to play in while I run, but I’ll figure something out. I am set to move into the new place in October and the ex has been so supportive. I think we’re closer now than we’ve ever been since we have nothing left to argue about. We’re just happy to be allowed to do our own things and be our own people.

Speaking of which, dating is still the pits. Mr. Robinson is apparently not married, so he says. I kind of believe him, but for some reason I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be when he told me that he wasn’t. He’s just so unpredictable. One second he’s texting me throughout the day, the next day (or 7) he’s not speaking to me at all. He’s also big on “sexting” which only makes me feel more expendable.

I’ve also been texting back and forth with someone we’ll call Mr. Dubs. He’s much more of a gentleman. Robinson is so direct and outspoken, whereas Dubs is much more subtle. He’s asking to fly me to Vegas, since my best friend and I have now decided not to go. I told him I’m moving into my new apartment that month and it’s just bad timing, but he says the offer stands. He wants to get to know me better and he says he needs a dance partner during the night events at clubs and such. This man is a terrible dancer, but he’s terribly charming & the accent. When we were on our first vacation I remember melting when he asked me to stay in bed with him. Just a wee bit longer. The way he looked at me… I am such a sucker for a man that knows how to stare in awe. I can’t go though. I’ll be super busy and wouldn’t be fair to my friend who is actually a part of the company hosting the weekend in Vegas. I’d feel so weird hanging out with her colleagues while she was stuck at home.

So that is my week for you. I’m once again restructuring my life & at this point, coincidentally, my novel as well. I still suck at dating, but have yet to stop attempting. I’m still a kick ass mom and I’ve enjoyed this break from work. I’ve always loved having open days with my girl, though I do miss the security of steady work.

Wish me luck on a better week to come.



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