Midweek Catch-Up

So I know I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up with my blog here, but it’s a lot of work. This social media thing takes time. There’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and jeepers! That’s so much! Each of these venues have a different purpose and I have yet to master the tricks of the trade. As a writer, I have to up my social media presence. Publishers expect you to do a lot of the initial publicity by maintaining “an audience” or as some call it “a following.” The former seems a bit pretentious and the latter seems kind of cult-y…

Either way, I’m working on it.image1 (5)

So now, just in case I have trouble updating my favorite blog (this one…obviously…) I dub Wednesdays my weekly “Catch-Up Days.” On these days, I’ll give you a quick update on number of pages finished (for the novel), calories burned for the week, cigarettes smoked (I”m trying to quit) and dates had (trying to quit this too). So here we go:

Cigarettes smoked this week, starting Monday: 6

Calories Burned: 390 (I just got back on the treadmill today)

Pages written: 46

Dates attended: 0; there was some mild contact (texting) with male suitors, but nothing riveting

Overall, this was a good week. I wrote a lot. I spent very little time worried about men. I got back to the gym. I spent lots of time with Alexis and re-established our night time routine to include chapter books, sans pictures. I also spent a lot of time with my girlfriends. image2.PNG

My best friend was in town and an old friend came back from Guam. My bestie and I started planning our Vegas trip, for marketing/networking purposes. This means I have a new deadline for my manuscript. I have to have it finished, at least the rough copy, by October. More on this later.

My old friend, Kiki, is back after a year gone. We’d been estranged for a while, but since she’s been back she’s on this crazy motivated path to…redemption seems dramatic, but she is definitely trying hard to be a better version of herself. She’s working 7 days a week and she’s quit drinking and smoking. She even hooked me up with a great website and job opportunity; it’s teaching children from China English. I’m not sure I’ll have time, but I’m looking into it. I’m super proud of her and so glad she’s in my life now, while I’m also trying to improve myself. It was meant to be, I think.

It’s been a very productive week, but it felt more like rest and relaxation. I need human interaction. Let me clarify: I need adult, human interaction. Sometimes, anyway. I need more people in my life that foster growth and I think this is the first time in my life I’m realizing it doesn’t need to be a man I’m…sleeping with.

I know that’s sad, but better late than never, right?

The writer in me is happy, the mom in me is proud & the hopeless romantic can kiss my ass. This week (and several to come) is all about empowerment;)


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