Planting Seeds

I can’t deny that I’ve been completely unmotivated writing my novel these past few days. The characters are perfect, the scenes I have in mind are great, but the plot is just too wild. It’s all over the place and what I thought began as a great idea has quickly fizzled into erratic scenes from my past that come together to form a very emotional and shit novel.

In my despair, I called my best girl friend. She suggested I just come out and write my memoir. Screw the novel, just write what you really want to write. At first this seemed like a good idea. My story is interesting, long and there are so many wonderful and meaningful moments. Luckily, I called my best guy friend (and 2nd muse) next and he talked me out of it. I mean, honestly, who am I, right now, to be writing the memoir? Who would read it and why?

It’s not that it wouldn’t be great, but first I should actually fulfill my dream so the memoir ends on that note. “I became the novelist I always knew I would. I also fell in love with a millionaire and had lots of sex and babies along the way…”


I decided to plow on with this novel and spent another 30 minutes attempting to find the point of my story. What am I trying to say? At least, what makes this story different or worth reading?

This led to considering scrapping the novel once more, but picking up my original idea, born in 2009. I pulled out my old book of outlines and character bios and started plucking away at that. The characters were SO stale! My 2009 self had a very limited idea of love and people in general.

So I slept on it. I slept and an idea was born! When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had a book with wonderful characters and another with a great plot and no characters! HELLO!!! I worked on this in my mind and again on paper once my three year old was tucked into bed. In creating this new plot, I am still able to save a majority of my written manuscript. For the most part, the scenes can mold into my new plot.

My favorite part of this idea is that it’s more fictional than what I’ve been working on. It’s still a very character driven plot, but it’s much more fun and with a great twist.


I’ve read a lot of books on writing books and they all say that two or more seemingly unrelated ideas can eventually come together to form a great novel. I FINALLY used this in practice and I LOVE being a writer!

I’ll try and get it into a bit more detail as the story progresses, but to all my fellow writers, I just want to say I am so proud to be among you tonight. I am also so grateful to have such supportive and creative friends to give me that little push when I need it.

Although, I must admit…it drives me crazy when either doesn’t like one of my ideas. I am such hypocrite¬†sometimes, I know, but I take it with grace, I swear! Okay, I think…

Have a great day friends! Make every word count;)

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